1. Conditions GENERAL Personnel screening

These Terms and Conditions expressly regulate commercial relations arising between ONUBAFRUIT SOC COOP AND and customers, which, through the website ONUBAFRUIT SOC COOP AND (hereinafter "Website"), to acquire the products that the cooperative offers in each moment for online sales, wholesale.
These General Conditions have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, Law 7/1998 on General Conditions of Contract, and the Code trade.
SOC COOP AND ONUBAFRUIT may modify unilaterally, at any time it deems appropriate, configuration and content of these General Conditions. Nevertheless, the General Conditions applicable to a particular transaction will be current at the time of formalizing it.
The terms and conditions applicable to the purchase of the products offered for sale to the public by ONUBAFRUIT SOC COOP AND through its Website will be all those described in these General Conditions which are detailed on the Website throughout the process of online purchase. Through the use of the website, users acknowledge and agree the different steps needed to access the different products offered on the website and complete the purchase of the same.



ONUBAFRUIT, S. Coop. And. (Hereinafter Onubafruit), established for this purpose in P.E. Mirador del Odiel, C /Lestinco s/n. Port.3, Ofic 17, Huelva, Zip code 21001 and VAT number ESF21365630 registered in the Registration Book COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES Central Registry Unit Cooperatives Andaluzas on September 9, 2015 in accordance with the provisions of the Law 14/2011, of 23 December Andalusian Cooperative Societies, the blade 202, under the seat 1. contact Email: website.

SOC COOP AND ONUBAFRUIT will be responsible for processing orders, delivery of goods and issuing invoices; having as technology partner for this process to electronic trading platform, TODORECARGAS, S.L., who appears as owner of the Web domain, providing technical infrastructure (servers, domains ...) and customer service. Electronic trading platform, TODORECARGAS, SL., Is domiciled in Rociana del Condado (Huelva), in street La Fuente, No. 8, and VAT number ESB21555750.

The User or intervenor Client guarantees the veracity of all the registration data provided to the party with whom contracts. In any case, the User shall be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and the damage caused to the vendor or third parties for the information provided.



a) ONUBAFRUIT published, together with the image of each of the products that are being sold through the Website, the specific needs of each characteristic and the selling price applicable.

b) ONUBAFRUIT guarantee that the price of the products will be in force on the day of the execution of the purchase regardless of day order delivery is formalized.

c) In case of any applicable offers on the price of the products, these will be indicated by the initial price with a different typeface that allows the customer to identify clearly the final price of the product. In any case, the time period of validity of the offer will be indicated.

d) ONUBAFRUIT may unilaterally and at any time, offer new products that are being sold on the website as well as suspend or terminate, temporarily or indefinitely, any of the products.

e) The prices set on the website will not include VAT; to confirm the order, it will be when the tax rates will apply each product.

f) Once the purchase, the order will reflect the amount of shipping the Product to the point of destination. In any case, shipping costs will be paid by the Customer.

g) ONUBAFRUIT not guarantee the availability of all products offered on the Website, since the stock of products can fluctuate throughout the day.

However, if at the time of preparation of the order, there were no goods available, ONUBAFRUIT agrees to notify the Customer as soon as possible, with the corresponding repayment of the sums paid without undue delay. In the event that only can provide part of the order, and the customer so agrees, it ONUBAFRUIT return the amount paid for the goods and finally undelivered.



Orders will be processed by ONUBAFRUIT, where the user will be informed prior to the completion of each purchase the exact amount of each of its orders, including shipping costs associated.

Shipping costs depend on the shipping destination.

It is an essential requirement to leave the order to its destination, which has been payment, of any of the forms provided. ONUBAFRUIT reserves does not stock, so a delay in the payment of the purchase made, can lead to depletion of the stock, without it may be subject to claims against the seller.



a) The Client can be downloaded from the Web your bill, being the same available in electronic format.

b) In accordance with Royal Decree 1619/2012 of 30 November approving the regulation establishing invoicing obligations are regulated, approved the deadline for the issuance of invoices by ONUBAFRUIT date is the 16th of month following that in which the purchase was made by the Customer.

c) Payment orders shall be made by bank transfer, credit card or any other of those contained in the Web.



a) The products are distributed in ONUBAFRUIT pallet format, in refrigerated vehicles to the destination chosen by the buyer.

b) Delivery Schedule: The purchase will be delivered from Monday to Sunday, with very specific calendar exceptions.

c) Transport costs: Delivery costs per order will be included in the final amount of the invoice, and will depend on the shipping destination.

d) Delivery: The products will be delivered at the point indicated by the Customer, trucked and / or authorized for that vehicle, being essential requirement the payment of the amount of the purchase, through the media of the Customer. The delivery will be given by the destination chosen by the customer.



ONUBAFRUIT show through the web, product information and references available stocks thereof.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph 3 g), if it is a very volatile stock, it was not possible to supply any of the component products of an order, or it entirely, ONUBAFRUIT will contact the user the widest possible to inform you of this fact and proceed to refund the amount paid for it, including shipping charges, if any soon.



Given the nature and characteristics of the products, especially the perishability of them, for reasons of hygiene and food safety the right of withdrawal shall not apply.

These exceptions are also regulated, resulting from application of analog form, Article 45 of Law 7/1996 of 15 January, of the Retail Trade. The art. 102. Royal Decree 1/2007 approving the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users provides for the non-acceptance of the right of withdrawal for such orders, because they are perishable foods .



In the event that the user receives a defective product, you must -from the same collection point, and prior to the withdrawal of the commodity-contact the seller and inform, indicating the order number and identification of the affected product or products that question. Advisable shipping to ONUBAFRUIT photos or pictures of goods at that time, by the Customer.

Once the customer remove the product from the collection point is deemed to accept its conditions, then can not claim anything about it.

In these cases, it is the seller who, after examining the claims and allegations made by the buyer, decide whether the complaint is justified or not. To resolve complaints, ONUBAFRUIT can agree on sending a technician designated by the seller to assess the veracity of the claim. The resulting costs this procedure shall be borne by the customer, if the claim is not appropriate in case of a justified claim, the seller will cover these expenses.

Then after verifying the existence of defect or anomaly, and whenever it proves to be for reasons attributable to ONUBAFRUIT, it shall inform the user as soon as possible, whether to process the replacement by another of similar characteristics, or if this is not possible at that time.

If it is not possible replacement of the product or commodity, ONUBAFRUIT will inform the user and proceed to pay him the amount corresponding to the product purchase amount.

In this case, the refund of amounts paid for the purchase of the returned product will be held as soon as possible and always subject to the provisions of these terms and conditions.



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For the purposes of these General Conditions and for any communication that is necessary between Customers and ONUBAFRUIT, they should be addressed to ONUBAFRUIT by email (sent a message to or by writing to PE Viewpoint odiel, C / Mastic s / n. Port.3, Ofic. 17.- 21001 Huelva



The conflicts that may arise from the application of these rules shall be governed by the laws of Spain and, to the maximum extent permitted by law, they shall be submitted to the Courts of Huelva.